The U.S. economy could be heading for a recession in the next year

A “very, very high risk” of recession warned former Goldman Sachs chief executive

The U.S. economy could be heading for a recession in the next year, according to growing warnings from banks and economists, as a sudden bout of pessimism hammers financial markets, which on Thursday spiraled further from recent highs.

Although major swaths of the economy — including the job market and consumer spending — remain robust, there are mounting worries that rising borrowing costs for consumers and businesses, after years of near-zero interest rates, could cause a sudden retrenchment. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by 0.75 percentage points so far this year, while officials are signaling more aggressive increases could be necessary to cool the economy. Continued uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are adding to the uneasiness.

Financial markets fell again on Thursday, a day after the Dow Jones industrial average suffered its worst drop of the year. The S&P 500 inched further into bear market territory — defined as a 20 percent drop from the most recent peak — after Wednesday’s sell-off wiped out more than 4 percent of its value.