Is Pfizer vaccine less effective against delta variant?

 Some health experts expressed skepticism about the Israel study

A study conducted in Israel found that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is somewhat less effective against the more infectious delta variant, though it was still found to be effective at preventing severe illness.The Pfizer vaccine protected 64 percent of immunized people during an outbreak of the delta variant, a sharp drop when compared to the 94 percent of people it had previously been shown to protect. However, the shot was still 94 percent effective at preventing severe illness, a slight decrease from the 97 percent that were kept from experiencing severe illness previously.

The data for the study was collected from June 6 through early July, according to officials from Israel’s Health Ministry. The data and the methodology of the study was not released, according to the Journal. Some health experts expressed skepticism about the Israel study, saying mRNA vaccines like Pfizer have been shown to offer strong protection against COVID-19 infection.

Israel says the Delta variant is infecting vaccinated people

 50% of cases. But they are less severe

As Israel is facing a surge in cases driven by the Delta variant, its health officials said as many as half of those are among people who were vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people who were in contact with the Delta variant will now have to quarantine, according to Chezy Levy, the leader of Israel’s Health Ministry’s director-general.

“Even though the numbers are low, the fact that this is reaching vaccinated people means…that we are still checking how many vaccinated people have also been infected,” Levy said, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

Talking with state broadcaster Kan Bet public radio, Levy said that approximately 40 to 50% of new cases were people who had been vaccinated. The figure is likely to be an estimate, as the ministry is still analyzing data about the cases. On Monday, Levy’s estimate was lower: he said only a third of the new daily cases were people who had been vaccinated.