Bitcoin rockets past $18,000

The all-time high is in sight

Bitcoin prices continue to skyrocket and the cryptocurrency is now within striking distance of its all-time high from December 2017. Bitcoin briefly surged above $18,000 on Wednesday, having passed the $15,000, $16,000 and $17,000 milestones in the past few days. The record high for bitcoin is just below $20,000. The total value of all the bitcoins in circulation is now more than $300 billion — also near an all-time high.
The cryptocurrency, which has more than doubled in value this year, has picked up steam lately for a variety of reasons.
Bitcoin, like gold, has benefited from a weaker dollar. Investors increasingly view bitcoin as a viable alternative to paper, government-backed currencies. The dollar could remain in the doldrums for awhile — especially since most market experts expect the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates at zero for the foreseeable future.

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