Powder form of COVID-19 vaccine

A second version of the vaccine available next year

Pfizer’s top scientist has said it is already working on a powder form of its breakthrough COVID-19 vaccine that could solve its biggest problem around freezing the jab.  Pfizer’s chief scientific officer Mikael Dolsten told  a second version of the vaccine is already being planned and could be available next year. The pharma giant revealed promising findings from its coronavirus-vaccine, with the jab found to be 90 percent effective in giving immunity to 94 people in a study.

It is now on track to apply later this month for emergency-use approval of the vaccine from the FDA. However, despite the promising findings, there are some limitations with the first version, mainly that it must be stored frozen at minus 70 degrees Celsius (minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit) – something some of the nation’s top hospitals do not currently have suitable storage for.


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