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Soros: Only the EU can break Facebook and Google’s dominance

Social media giants have left the US government impotent – Europe must lead the way

The current moment in world history is a painful one. Open societies are in crisis, and forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States, President Donald Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state but cannot, because the constitution, other institutions, and a vibrant civil society won’t allow it.

Not only is the survival of open society in question; the survival of our entire civilisation is at stake. The rise of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Trump in the US have much to do with this. Both seem willing to risk a nuclear war in order to keep themselves in power. But the root cause goes even deeper. Mankind’s ability to harness the forces of nature, both for constructive and destructive purposes, continues to grow, while our ability to govern ourselves properly fluctuates, and is now at a low ebb.

Facebook and Google effectively control over half of all digital advertising revenue. To maintain their dominance, they need to expand their networks and increase their share of users’ attention. Currently they do this by providing users with a convenient platform. The more time users spend on the platform, the more valuable they become to the companies.…  March 16, 2018

Brexit: North Ireland would stay under EU customs union rules

Avoid a hard border post-Brexit if no wider EU-UK trade deal or alternative is agreed

Northern Ireland will in effect remain in the EU’s customs union and single market to avoid a hard border post-Brexit if no wider EU-UK trade deal or alternative is agreed, the draft withdrawal agreement will state.

EU sources said the draft agreement from Brussels covering the UK’s withdrawal from the bloc in March 2019 – to be published in Brussels on Wednesday – will maintain a common regulatory area on the island of Ireland.

This will be triggered should the EU and the UK not agree a future EU-UK free trade deal or if London fails to propose an alternative arrangement for the Border post-Brexit.…  Febuary 28, 2018

Irish government : Brexit talks ‘could collapse at any moment’

Negotiations could break down over the border issue

There is renewed fear within the Irish government that Brexit talks could collapse over the UK government’s refusal to consider staying in a customs union with the European Union. enior figures in the Irish government said privately that they fear that Theresa May’s insistence on leaving the customs union will make a hard border impossible to avoid and lead to a complete break down in negotiations.

A high-ranking member of the Irish government said “talks could collapse at any moment” in a meeting with a prominent British MP this month, a source familiar with the meeting has told Business Insider. The Irish government did not wish to comment when contacted by BI.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said on Friday that border checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are “unavoidable” if Britain decides to leave the customs union and single market.…  Febuary 12, 2018

UK: New party aiming to stop Brexit

Touring towns and universities across the UK

The Renew party has recruited some 220 candidates to stand in local and national elections – with the first test coming in London and English councils in May – and many of them are expected to gather this weekend for their first mass training session. Representatives of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche will attend the London event to give advice on tactics for catapulting a new party into the political mainstream. But leaders of the party played down suggestions that Renew was an attempt to replicate the French president’s political agenda in the UK.

“The EU referendum was a wake-up call that the UK is a nation divided, with mass discontent at inequality, national identity and regional, social and generational differences,” said Sandra Khadhouri, a former UN worker who is one of Renew’s three “principals”, alongside accountant James Torrance and start-up strategy consultant James Clarke.  Febuary 05, 2018

It’s official now: Brexit would damage UK growth

Leaked cabinet report

Brexit would leave the UK worse off under three possible scenarios: a comprehensive free trade deal, single market access and no deal at all, according to a leaked government analysis of the economic impact of leaving the EU.

The document was meant to be shown confidentially to cabinet ministers this week but was leaked in an embarrassing development for Theresa May and David Davis, the Brexit secretary.

It said national growth would be 8% lower under a no deal scenario, around 5% lower with a free trade agreement with the EU and about 2% lower with a soft Brexit option of single market membership over a 15-year period.…  Febuary 01, 2018

What is the new article 127 Brexit challenge

The EEA Agreement provides for the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the EU single market

After a legal challenge over whether MPs should be given a vote on when Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon is triggered, she now faces the possibility of a second legal challenge – this time involving Article 127 of the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement. The “Single Market Justice” campaign will argue that the Government “has no mandate” to withdraw from the single market without a vote from MPs, because it was not on the referendum ballot paper on June 23.

Their case is based on the argument that Theresa May has to trigger another legal measure- Article 127 of the European Economic Area agreement-  in order to officially leave the European Economic Area (EEA). They say that the 1993 European Economic Area Act 1993 established EEA rights in domestic British law. The EEA Agreement provides for the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the EU single market. … Fri., 19  January 2018

Britain can still stop Brexit

A shock poll found Remain would win by 10 points in a re-run of the EU referendum

It’s not too late to stop Brexit because Britain can still change its mind, the President of the European Council has declared. Donald Tusk made the startling comments just days after a shock poll found Remain would win by 10 points in a re-run of the EU referendum.
He told MEPs in Strasbourg: “If the UK Government sticks to its decision to leave, Brexit will become a reality – with all its negative consequences – in March next year unless there is a change of heart among our British friends.”Wasn’t it David Davis himself who said ‘if a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy’?” He added the EU had not had a “change of heart” over Brexit, telling the British: “Our hearts are still open to you.” … Wed., 17  January 2018

Boris Johnson would ‘rather stay in’ the EU than accept a soft Brexit

Boris Johnson warns allies that Brexit is still far from certain

The ‘establishment’ across Whitehall and the City will step up efforts to stop Britain’s EU exit over the next pivotal 12 months, Boris has insisted.

He has also confided with friends over his concerns that Theresa May will be worn down and eventually forced to accept a bad deal by mandarins and Remain-leaning Cabinet ministers during trade negotiations that start in March.

Boris has told confidantes that still having to accept dictats from Brussels would leave the UK as “just another Norway” and the nationwide vote’s landmark result would have proved “a total waste of time”.

In that soft Brexit scenario, the mop-haired Tory boss has even claimed to pals: “I’d rather us stay in than leave like that”. … Mon., 15  January 2018

What is Blockchain?

Bitcoin and Blockchain explained in detail

This explainer will offer simple definitions and analogies for blockchain technology. It will also define Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain broadly, and initial coin offerings, and highlight promising use cases for the technology. (For a deep dive into how Ethereum works, you can read our What Is Ethereum explainer.)

Lastly, this report will make clear the distinctions between distributed ledger technology and blockchain, and highlight where these technologies have an application – and where they do not.… Wed., 03  January 2018


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