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US and China to reach an agreement at trade talks

Package of  $200 billion

It will be very challenging for the U.S. and China to come to an agreement about trade this week, in part because the Trump administration has been “unclear in what it really wants,” a strategist said on Friday.

“On the one hand, the President remains very focused on the size of the bilateral trade deficit, and reportedly the Chinese has come to Washington with a package of about $200 billion worth of purchases that would certainly remedy a large portion of that deficit,” said Amy Celico, principal at the Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategy and business advisory firm.

But on the other hand, the U.S. administration and Congress want China to change some of its behavior on unfair trade practices, and seek to put an end to subsidies for advanced technology industries and forced technology transfers.

Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion

The ratio of debt-to-gross domestic product is now 318 percent

Global debt rose to a record $233 trillion in the third quarter of 2017, more than $16 trillion higher from end-2016, according to an analysis by the Institute of International Finance. Private non-financial sector debt hit all-time highs in Canada, France, Hong Kong, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey.

At the same time, though, the ratio of debt-to-gross domestic product fell for the fourth consecutive quarter as economic growth accelerated. The ratio is now around 318 percent, 3 percentage points below a high set in the third quarter of 2016, according to the IIF. … Mon., 08  January 2018


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Trump: trade is 'almost' war

How a Trump trade war would impact your state

If your state exports goods and services to China or Mexico, you may want to pay closer attention to President-elect Donald Trump’s latest pronouncements on global trade.

Anti-free-trade sentiment helped propel Trump to victory, and he’s not waiting until he gets to the White House to demonstrate what his administration’s trade policy might look like. He’s already used his new bully pulpit to convince air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier to scale back announced job cuts as part of a shift in manufacturing to Mexico. … Wed.,  07 December 2016

Trump economy: Warning to US companies willing to quit

TRUMP: Companies won’t leave US anymore ‘without consequences’

President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday that US companies will face “consequences” if they move their operations abroad. “Companies are not going to leave the United States any more without consequences. Not going to happen,” Trump said during a visit to the Indianapolis plant of oven and air conditioner manufacturing firm Carrier Corp. “These companies aren’t going to be leaving anymore. They aren’t going to be taking people’s hearts out,” said Trump after a brief tour of the plant on his first public appearance after his surprise Nov. 8 election win. … Fri.,  02 December 2016

Which Countries Are Damaged Most by Low Oil Prices?

A chart looks at costs per barrel

Oil is by far the world’s most-traded commodity, with $786.3 billion of crude changing hands in international trade in 2015. While low commodity prices can hurt any major producer, oil prices can have a particularly detrimental effect on oil-rich economies. This is because, for better or worse, many of these economies hold onto oil as an anchor for achieving growth, filling government coffers, and even fueling social programs. If those revenues don’t materialize as planned, these countries turn increasingly fragile. In the worst case scenario, an extended period of low oil prices can cause the fate of an entire regime to hang by a thread.  Wed., 31 August 2016

Russia's economy is recovering

Worst over for Russian economy, time to talk success

Economists in Russia and the US agree the worst is over for Russian economy, with Bloomberg changing its tone praising it as an ‘underrated land of opportunity’. Experts agree President Putin’s economic team managed to turn around a pressing environment. Russia’s economy is recovering from last year’s panic following the slump in oil prices, according to experts. … Tue., 21 June 2016.

Is a new crash possible for the world economy?

World economy stands on the cusp of another crash

Former Bank of England Governor Lord Mervyn King has warned that the world is on the cusp of another crash because regulators’ have failed in their attempts to reform the financial system in the wake of the last crisis. “Another crisis is certain, and the failure…to tackle the disequilibrium in the world economy makes it likely that it will come sooner rather than later,” Lord King says in his new book, the exclusive serialisation of which starts in The Telegraph this weekend.   Mon., 29  February 2016. 

China troubled by overcapacity

China overcapacity ‘wreaking far-reaching damage’

Overproduction in key industries is damaging both China’s economic sustainability and foreign trade relations, a new report has warned. Now is the time for big reforms, it urges, supporting a shift in investments.

http:/   Tue., 23  February 2016. 

Global economy is slowing down

OECD Global Economic Outlook

Stronger growth remains elusive: Urgent policy response is needed .

http:/    Thu. 18  February 2016.