CDC: Americans over 60 should stock up on food and medications

CDC recommends to avoid venturing out as the coronavirus spreads

  • In a media briefing on Monday about the novel coronavirus, Dr. Nancy Messonnier from CDC  focused on making recommendations for people at a higher risk of getting ill from the virus.
  • She also said that eventually “many people in the United States” will be exposed to the virus and that “there’s a good chance many will become sick.”
  • For now, she said, people over 60 should stock up on food, medication, and other necessities so they can avoid needing to venture out too much.
  • Caretakers and family members should help older people prepare, and develop a plan for what they’ll do if either they or the people they’re caring for get sick.
  • While people over 60 are at a greater risk of becoming ill than younger folks, it’s important for people to understand that risk increases with age, making people in their 80s and 90s at the highest risk, especially if they have chronic health conditions too.

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