Brexit: PM pressured to rule out ‘no deal’

Dozens of ministers could resign

The prime minister faces threats of mass resignations, disastrous worst-case scenarios and demands for further votes.

Pressure on Theresa May to rule out a “no-deal” Brexit is stacking up after MPs derided her plan B.

Sky News has learned that cross-Channel freight trade could collapse by between 75% and 87% for six months if the UK fails to agree a divorce deal with the EU by 29 March, when the country leaves the bloc.

The disclosure, in a document leaked to Sky News, comes as:

:: The pro-Remain cabinet minister Amber Rudd is said to have warned Number 10 that dozens of ministers could resign if Tory MPs are banned from voting to stop a no-deal Brexit;

:: Labour has tabled a Commons amendment to the government’s EU withdrawal deal, which it claims prevents the chaos of no deal and includes the option of a second referendum;

:: Labour’s Hilary Benn has also tabled an amendment for next week’s Brexit debate, calling for a series of votes on a way forward;

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