But according to Future Money Trends, all that could change in the near future as key Mexican financial leaders and politicians have been working to institute sweeping monetary change that, if implemented, could unleash a global power shift of epic proportions reports Shtfplan. … But with Mexico working closely with China on economic matters and numerous super powers vying for control of the global economy and geo-political landscape, new systems of trade are sure to emerge.
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Julia Black has called for new ways of “seeing, knowing, and regulating financial markets” that have the general effect of “moving the cognitive framework from the economic to the social” and hence revitalising regulation. I would add that we also need a …. Stepping towards such a diversified international regime means re-assessing so-called ‘Balkanisation’ of financial market policies and regulations, championing this as a global public good. Pluralisation is not a curse, it is a …
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A study by the International Finance Corporation shows that the commercial banking sector provides only about 10-15% of the recurring credit requirements of the MSME sector, which it estimates at R20 lakh crore at the lower end and R32 lakh …. My Wish Argentina wins but my forecast is Germany will –either way ok- since wish fulfilled or accurate forecast:))) 14 hours ago; Argentina has huge domestic debt /economic chaos/possible reneging to global banks-inflation/At least let …
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Finance as In U.S. Data, a Contradiction That Makes No Sense. The first quarter of this year was the worst for the United States economy since the depths of the Great Recession in early 2009. During the same period, employers hired more …

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Malaysian CIMB mega bank merger comes with ‘risks’

Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy after Indonesia and Thailand, hopes to become an important gateway into booming regional markets, while in Islamic finance it is determined to position itself as the leading international centre. This is the second attempt at a merger between … economy unexpectedly contracts in Q2. Singapore’s trade-reliant economy unexpectedly contracted in the second quarter as weak global demand weighed on the key manufacturing sector.
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